by Martin Powell



Money-Matters-in-My-Kingdom-boom-coverPurchase NowMoney Matters in My Kingdom

“Many books have been written on prosperity, but few authors have linked the idea of prosperity to a God given plan that will advance God’s Kingdom. Like a skillful surgeon, Pastor Martin cuts through all the inaccurate mindsets concerning prosperity and equips the reader to become a fine-tuned custodian of God’s power to create wealth. Pastor Martin has written a masterpiece to prepare the character of God’s people for the greatest transfer of wealth which will influence society with the Gospel of the Kingdom. The principles and patterns in this book will encourage you to take the necessary steps to reconfigure your mindsets in alignment with God’s purpose for your life. Money Matters: In My Kingdom is an anointed map that will guide you into the ways of provision to fulfill God’s vision for your life. Enjoy!”

Mark Kauffman, Jubilee Ministries International,
Global Mega Impact Corporation, New Castle, Pennsylvania




Money-Matters-in-My-Kingdom-study-guide-boom-coverPurchase NowMoney Matters in My Kingdom Study Guide

This book accompanies the book Money Matters in My Kingdom. It’s full of prayers, study materials and practical applications so you can prosper in the way (God’s way), obtain riches that do not fade, have sufficiency for every good work, and get out of debt. In this groundbreaking work for our time, Pastor Powell brings fresh Scriptural revelation to explain God’s heart for the wellbeing of your soul, health, and finances, while explaining the true reason for receiving these blessings.





Gen-Ret-WG-Boykin“Martin Powell explains very clearly what the world is facing today regarding global economics and the risks we all face. Martin provides a simple concept of how to prepare for the future and to be the stewards that God has called each of us to be with our resources.”
Lt. General (R) William G. Boykin,
U.S. Army

Bob-Weiner“What a joy to recommend Martin Powell’s new book Money Matters: In My Kingdom. Martin clearly understands God’s original great commission listed in Genesis 12:3 that though Abraham and his seed every nation would be blessed. We are Abraham’s seed given the power to make wealth so that every nation would be blessed and every person could hear the good news of Jesus. Thank you Martin for your wonderful book filled with practical revelation which clearly lays out a plan of action for these exciting days ahead. Everything we need has already been given in the spiritual world by our wonderful Heavenly Father before the foundation of the world, by His wonderful grace and all we have to do is walk by faith and not by sight and everything He has already provided will be released now into our lives!”
Bob Weiner, Weiner International

Rick-Joyner“After hearing Bob Weiner’s endorsement of Martin Powell’s book MoneyMatters in My Kingdom, I was expecting it to be awesome, but I was still surprised by how good it actually was. This is the best book I’ve ever read on secular or Christian finance.”
Rick Joyner, MorningStar Ministries

“This book is a ground breaking revelation based on the sound principle of God’s word and practical experience gained through many years of working with God. I recommend to every believer desiring to stand on sound principles and to enjoy the benefits of God’s prosperity to get a copy of this book. Pastor Martin Powell has given us a greater insight while also helping us to come back to basics and prosperity God’s way.”
Bishop Simon Iheanacho, Presiding Bishop,
UK World Evangelism ChurchesE

Dr-Bruce-CookMoney Matters: in My Kingdom
“Biblical prosperity is the covenant birthright of every disciple of Christ. Martin Powell has threaded the needle to deliver balanced teaching keys and understanding to point us to not only prosperity but stewardship.”
Dr. Bruce Cook, Convener, KEYS,
Austin, Texas

“Bravo! Pastor Powell has written an eloquent, well-balanced, and Scripturally-based treatise on a topic which oftentimes lends itself to extremism within the church. But to characterize this book as one that teaches solely on prosperity would be doing it a great disservice as it covers many fundamental tenets of Christianity itself. I highly recommend it to all believers.”
Peter Han, Co-Founder,
entrepreneur, consultant, and investor

“Martin Powell addresses key issues with a genuine concern for biblical truth. In a world where financial opinions abound, it is good to have a strong foundation in God’s word.”
Dr. Hugh Osgood, President,
Churches in Communities International




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