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IRA Rollovers into Precious Metals

Kingdom Talents specializes in Rollover IRAs into precious metals!
Rollover IRAs are a great way to invest in precious metals through your retirement accounts without paying penalties or taxes. Most IRAs can easily be moved into a precious metals IRA account. For example, if you are no longer working for a company that you have a 401(k) with, you will be most likely able to do a rollover.

Three Benefits to Precious Metals IRAs

  1. You don't pay penalties or taxes associated with cashing out your IRA.
  2. Your gold and silver is stored in a safe place and fully insured.
  3. There are NO lawyer fees.

One of the most time consuming aspects of establishing a precious metals IRA can be researching custodian and depository companies. We have done that work for you as we have carefully researched custodian and depository companies to find the highest quality companies with the best prices. After researching many companies, we have carefully chosen to work with Kingdom Trust in Kentucky as the custodian and International Depository Services (IDS) in Delaware as the depository.

4 Easy Steps to Setting up Your Rollover

You can get started with the first two steps on your own, or we can help guide you through all four.

  1. Open an account with Kingdom Trust. BY CLICKING HERE - Contact Service Team at or call 270-226-1000.
  2. When your account is ready, ask your current IRA company to liquidate the funds and transfer them to your Kingdom Trust IRA.
  3. Work out the details of your gold and silver purchase with Kingdom-Talents.
  4. Kingdom-Talents ships the order to the depository.


CLICK HERE to view a full explanation of fees.

To cash out all or a portion of your precious metals IRA, contact Kingdom-Talents. You can receive your precious metals or the cash value. Gold and silver are liquid, so there are no delays.

For help to start a Kingdom Trust account, please contact Service Team at or call 270-226-1000.

Call Kingdom-Talents today at (803) 560-0444 to start the IRA program.


More Precious Metals IRA FAQs:

What is the difference between segregated and non-segregated account?

Segregated account keeps your assets in a separate place from any other precious metal IRA stored at the depository. Non-segregated account costs less, and your Talents will be stored with other Kingdom Talents IRAs. Either way, you will receive back Talents. It is your choice if you would like to have back the very Talents that were minted for you or rather from a pool of Talents accumulated from other Kingdom Talents IRA roll overs.

What precious metals products are approved for IRAs?

Gold and Silver Talents are approved IRA products, and exceed their requirements of .995 for gold and .999 for silver.

Kingdom-Talents’ Gold Talents are pure gold .9999, and our Silver Talents are pure silver .999.

Can I rollover or transfer an existing IRA to a self-directed precious metals IRA?


How long does it take to rollover an existing IRA/401k?

It takes about 1-2 days to open your account with the custodian, Kingdom Trust Co, LLC. After your account is set up you will have to fund it. That can take up to several weeks.

Once I receive my old 401k funds how long do I have to deposit them into my new precious metals IRA?

Your funds are generally paid directly to you in the case of a 401k rollover. Once you have the funds in your possession, you have 60 days to transfer them into your new self-directed IRA account. If you do not do so within this time frame you may be required to pay taxes.

Am I allowed to have more than one IRA account?

Yes. However, your total yearly contribution will remain at the same maximum no matter how many accounts you have.

Are my metals insured at the depository?

Once your precious metals arrive at the depository they will be fully insured. As an added protection, we also insure each mailing.

Are there any IRA contribution limits?

Yes, you may be subject to IRA contribution limits depending on your type of IRA and income levels. Please consult with your IRA custodian to learn of any contribution limits you may be subject to.

If I invest with an IRA, do I still receive the physical precious metals?

No. As part of the IRS’ rules regarding precious metals IRAs, we, as the dealer, MUST ship the products to an approved IRA depository, who then holds the metal until the time you are ready to liquidate the position.

Will I ever be able to take physical delivery of my metal?

You can liquidate or take possession of your metals at any time; however, this is considered a distribution and there may be tax implications involved.

Why would I invest in a self-directed precious metals IRA instead of investing in an ETF like GLD?

While we do not provide investment advice, many of our clients prefer self-directed precious metals IRAs because they are backed by real, physical, segregated metal, vs. an ETF like GLD, which is only backed by a pool of gold holdings and positions.

Do you charge commissions as the dealer for IRA precious metals purchases?

No. Our only part of the IRA contribution process is selling the actual metal to the custodian, which we do at our normal rates with no commissions or surcharges added.

Call Kingdom-Talents today at (803) 560-0444 to start the IRA program.



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