Martin’s Diary: Inspiration to write ‘Money Matters: In My Kingdom’

Martin’s Diary: Inspiration to write ‘Money Matters: In My Kingdom’

March 7, 2016
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Rick Joyner said that ‘Money Matters: In My Kingdom’ was the best book he had ever read on finance, Christian or Secular. What was the inspiration behind writing a book that would elicit such an endorsement from such a great man of God?

“Martin would you do Me a favor?” 

It is not everyday that the God of the Universe asks one for a favor.

“Of course Lord” I replied.  (Subsequently musing that saying the words ‘Lord’ and ‘no” in the same sentence, did not go together.)

“What would you like me to do?” I asked.

“I would like you to write a book”

‘OK, what’s it on?”

“Prosperity.” I inwardly groaned. I guess He could hear me. I did not want to write on prosperity.

“You have already written most of it in preaching notes and bible studies.” He answered.

So I wrote the book that the Lord had commissioned me to write. The Lord had taught me a lot on prosperity. He had helped me to receive a three story building in London, with no money, answered prayers from one pound to a billion pounds and received a Stradivarius violin.

The Lord helped me by making suggestions for the chapters He wanted me to write on. 

Here is a list of the chapters:

01 What is God’s Heart on Prosperity 

02 Learning from the Patriarchs

03 Prosperity of the Kings 

04 Money

05 The Bank of God – Our Bank Account 

06 How Do We Obtain Prosperity? 

07 Tithes, Offerings, and Firstfruits Giving to God 

08 Sowing and Reaping 

09 Entering the Promised Land 

10 The Covenants of God 

11 The Inheritance 

12 Faith 

13 Patience 

14 God’s Provision 

15 Poverty and Our Debt to the Poor 

16 Borrowing, Debts, and How to Get Out of Debt 

17 My Garden 

18 Keys to Prosperity, Good Provision, and Success 

If you get to read this book, do let me have your comments, at

All is well.


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