Martin’s Diary: The story of the Silver Talent

Martin’s Diary: The story of the Silver Talent

January 27, 2016
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“Martin, I want you to make money”, this was not the first time that God had replied to me that He wanted me to make money.

I had moved to the USA from England in the Autumn of 2010, when I left London the Lord had told me that He wanted me to be his banker. I did not know what that meant.

Having arrived in America without a job, I had been earnestly asking the Lord what He wanted me to do.

On receiving prophetic ministry at MorningStar I was told by a man that he saw the word ‘Mint’ written on me. I stored that in my prophetic filing cabinet ( in my head ).

Finally the penny dropped, it wasn’t that the Lord wanted me to make money, in the business sense, but that He wanted me to manufacture money. The word money in the old testament literally means silver. So we started the process to manufacture silver rounds called ‘Talents’. These are silver bullion rounds, and therefore cannot be called coins, which is reserved for legal tender.

Incredibly, we found out later that the word Talent in Hebrew literally means ‘round’, the legal designation!!!

A short while later, I was on a mountain in North Carolina, called prayer mountain in Moravian Falls. A minister from South Africa, Erni Visser, told me that the Lord had told him that there was to be a new economy on the earth based on the Talent. I was extremely surprised as he did not know what I was doing. He came from Africa and I came from Europe, meeting in the USA, and he was confirming my assignment from the Lord Jesus.

The designs for the Talents took between 6-8 weeks and were put together by my wife Janet, she had majored in design for 8 years, and received from the Lord what He wanted.

We have now minted over 300,000 of the Silver Talents and they are flying all over the world.

We have seen many people crying when looking at the beautiful Silver Talents.

I asked one lady why she was crying, and she said “because God is doing something”. She was aware that the Lord was coming back and we were preparing for His Government to be set up on Earth.

The Lord also instructed me to put His name on each of the Talents. Hidden in the left wing in Hebrew script is the word “Yeshua”. “Thy name is ointment poured forth” (Song of Solomon 1:3). Each Silver Talent carries the anointing of Jesus’ name.

Click here to read the full description of the symbolism of the Talents:


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