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Take advantage of this limited time offer of Martin Powell’s book “Money Matters: in My Kingdom”, endorsed by Rick Joyner as the best book he has every read on christian or secular finances, AND a .999 pure 1 troy oz Silver Talent! Total worth approximately $50 but $39 for you today!

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“Many books have been written on prosperity, but few authors have linked the idea of prosperity to a God given plan that will advance God’s Kingdom. Like a skillful surgeon, Pastor Martin cuts through all the inaccurate mindsets concerning prosperity and equips the reader to become a fine-tuned custodian of God’s power to create wealth. Pastor Martin has written a masterpiece to prepare the character of God’s people for the greatest transfer of wealth which will influence society with the Gospel of the Kingdom. The principles and patterns in this book will encourage you to take the necessary steps to reconfigure your mindsets in alignment with God’s purpose for your life. Money Matters: In My Kingdom is an anointed map that will guide you into the ways of provision to fulfill God’s vision for your life. Enjoy!”

Mark Kauffman, Jubilee Ministries International,
Global Mega Impact Corporation, New Castle, Pennsylvania